Welcome to the Ultimate Cuisine Getaway

One of the best thing about visiting Bonaire is that not only you get see the beautiful coral reef along the coastline and explore the environment, but you will also enjoy the great taste of food that the island has to offer. And what better way to experience the taste than by stopping by one of the island's genuine restaurants; Divi Divi Bar & Restaurant.

This genuine restaurant explores the creative cultural cooking of the island Bonaire. With the natural ingredients of the island, Divi Divi Bar & Restaurant will serve a delicious meal that will not be forgotten. 

When you order a meal, you will have it served with rice, potato or funchi (polenta); Funchi is one of the island's most traditional cooked food. It is common upon the islanders. Many people order it mitar mitar, which is half-and-half with rice, potato or funchi. Another treat is to ask for pika siboyo, a sauce made with onions marinated in vinegar and hot peppers and also ask for pinda sauce (peanut sauce) that is a delicacy. Rest assured, Divi Divi Bar & Restaurant  does not make its food with hot spices, but the sauce, if you use it, makes up for it.

Bon Apetit!


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