About Us

Divi Divi Bar & Restaurant is a friendly, local establishment that provides quality criollo dining cuisine such as fresh fish, different kinds of soup and more with refreshing beverages of your choice. For many years, local inhabitants and tourists have come here to enjoy the entertainment and the spectacular cooking that they have to offer. 

Every country in the world have their own unique way of preparing a meal. But here on Bonaire at Divi Divi Bar & Restaurant, the preparation of the meal is simple with an exotic twist to it.

Divi Divi Bar & Restaurant is named after the Divi tree that grows not only on Bonaire but also on the island of Curacao and Aruba. The Divi tree is one of the many artifacts that symbolizes the beauty of the island.

So come on down and visit our friendly little establishment where you will find a cuisine worth eating.

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