Location - Divi Divi Bar & Restaurant

Use the church with clock tower in downtown Kralendijk as your starting point and head north on Kaya Korona.

First you will pass a school, then you pass the cable company (FlamingoTV) after that you will pass Kooyman and the RBTT Bank.

Keep going until the road start going up and then you will see a blue building on your right. Take the street to the right and continue on that road until you have to make an S turn.

After the S turn, go straight up ahead for about 100 meters and you will see a blue and white building with Divi trees painted on it and you have arrived at your destination.

Good Luck!

Location - Divi Divi Bar & Restaurant, Kaya Jose G. Hernandez 26, Kralendijk, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
Kaya Jose G. Hernandez 26
Kralendijk Bonaire Netherlands Antilles

Hours of operation:
11:30 to 18:00

Monday to Saturdays:
11:30 to 22:00

Closed on Wednesdays

(599) 717-6975
(599) 786-0128